D3 for Data-Driven Documents is a group of JavaScript libraries that makes use of web standards to create a visual representation of data. It’s composed of many individual libraries, not only for visualization but also for data processing, fetching, event handling, animation, and more.

D3.js is not difficult to learn and does not require a deep knowledge of JavaScript, but because there are so many things you can do with it, you do need some patience and practice.

The following mini-tutorial will help you get a basic understanding of the way it works and feel more confident using it. …

Communication between the front-end and the back-end is a very important aspect of any web application. In this example, I will show you that implementing GraphQL for a new project and even adding it to an existing one is not as difficult as you may think.

With GraphQL, the data that you need for a particular part of your front-end can be fetched in one call, even in case the data is to be loaded from multiple sources.

In this very straightforward mini-tutorial, I will use javascript, but all major programming languages are supported as well.

What do we need…

If you want to add React to an existing web application, you will most likely need to use ReactDOM.render( ) more than one time. If it’s on the same screen, it should not be a problem, but if HTML elements come and go as you switch views, you will need to handle them separately, using functions defined in the index.js file.

According to React documentation, it’s perfectly fine to use multiple roots to render component trees, and in fact, it’s the way Facebook works with it.

In this example, I want to call a function defined in the index.js file…

React is a very popular javascript library that is mainly used to create single-page web applications. There are so many things you can do with React, and so many tutorials available online, but here I will only be talking about the steps to follow to go from zero to your first react component.

Before starting

You need a recent version of NodeJs, you can install the latest version from nodesource.

Also if you are not familiar with the JSX syntax, check this link.

Setting up a development environment

You can try React right away, by simply including a script tag…

When you are a self taught programmer who does not work in tech, you are not always aware of new changes in the rapidly evolving web development.

I started building web applications using PHP, which generates HTML from the server side, but I was using more and more javascript to write dynamically, and it was clear for me that single page web apps with the entire content dynamically generated from the client side was the way to go.

Then I switched from PHP to NodeJs, but for the client side, I chose to create my own tool, instead of looking…

Bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity these last years, one decade after its creation, the total capitalization has recently reached 1 Trillion USD, meaning that a lot of people are actually investing in it, turning their physical money into just data basically. The level of trust we have here is just insane, and what made this success possible is the blockchain technology. …

The software industry is doing very well, and it’s still expected to grow even more over the coming years. Everyone of us uses different kinds of software, for work as well as for everyday life, but in addition of being a user, you also could be a software creator, and you don’t need years of tech studies and/or experience for that, this is something that you can learn, just like playing a musical instrument, painting, playing a sport or speaking a language.

The reality is that many tech people do not like programming, whereas some people with no tech background…

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